My Jam TV can be found all over, from your TV to your computer. Here are all the platforms we are on.


The My Jam TV website offers a web-version of our channel. Just click the Watch Now button on the navigation bar and you’re all set to go!  Watch Now!


KODI logo

KODI, formerly known as XBMC, is a media center designed for your TV, Mobile Device, or Home Computer. It can be found on several set-top boxes and streaming sticks for plug-and-play viewing!  Learn more here!


Roku logo

Roku is ubiquitous among the masses, and is one of the first media players you will hear people recommend. It comes in several varieties to be plugged into your TV, and it has several channels for you to enjoy, including My Jam TV.  Learn more here!

 TVTibi logoTVtibi is an emerging global over-the-top (OTT) service offering a variety of channels, shows, episodes, films, and other programming, both live and on-demand, direct to consumers. The service delivers a-la-carte pricing combined with free viewing options that consumers have long desired. To date, the TVtibi Windows app has been downloaded in 90 countries.  Learn more here!

SwigTV logoSwig TV is a network filled with Live and On Demand VOD content.  Their content is all available on their website, with a wide selection of movies and channels, including My Jam TV!

Opera TV logoOpera TV, brought to you by the makers of the Opera web browser, is a content platform available on hundreds of devices all around the word.  You can commonly find it on Blu-Ray players as the “Opera TV Channel Store”.

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