Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Why should I pay to have my video on My Jam TV when I can be on YouTube for free? That’s simple! Yes, you should put your video everywhere especially if it’s free. The downside to this is that you’re on a site that accepts any type and quality of video, and with over 17 billion videos on YouTube, what are the chances a viewer finds you? We have solved this issue by actually screening every video before we accept it on My Jam TV.  If it isn’t good, it doesn’t air. This creates excellent viewer experience. We also limit the number of artists we air each month so every artist gets many plays, giving you maximum exposure.

Besides exposure, My Jam TV also offers many benefits to our members:

  • On rotation on the My Jam TV 24/7 TV network

  • On Roku Over 13 million US homes plus the UK, Canada, France, Ireland, Mexico and Dubai

  • TVtibi reaching 91 countries and growing

  • On KODI 2 Million homes nationwide and growing

  • Discounted rotation packages

  • Affordable pricing

  • Contests and giveaways to keep viewers engaged

  • Video production at an affordable rate

  • Online website showing the 24/7 rotation of our network

  • Stats on views for your video

  • Fan page set-up

  • Advertise your gigs for free

  • Featured Artists page to highlight those artists gaining momentum

  • Digital distribution opportunities

  • Chart listing for your portfolio

  • A staff of TV and Music professionals

  • Artist support in place to guide you on the road to success

  • Co-branding marketing options

  • Concert performance opportunities

  • Ability to create your own Merch without laying out your own dollars

We look forward to hearing from you. So get on My Jam TV and get discovered!