About My Jam TV

    My Jam TV is a new 24-hour music channel created by musicians, for musicians and their fans. We have put together a system that is fair and affordable for you, the artist, to get the exposure and resources you need to get your music out to the masses, gain fans and to go farther faster.

    Rock, Rap, Country, Punk, Metal, or whatever genre,  your music video will receive a fresh face and renewed vigor venturing away from the saturated and fragmented web video corner. My Jam TV will ignite thought as to what is possible and establish an “open call” and viable venue for talented professionals to submit their work, be fairly chosen, be seen, and most importantly, overcome the looming obstacle associated with this profession, not having the right connections. We have created My Jam TV as a venue for you to get your work out to the public and in front of the right people.

    In addition to featuring this unique content, My Jam TV will also become your source for everything that is “entertainment.” We will feature segments on topics covering gear, education, legal issues, trends, talent and more. My Jam TV will entertain, educate and inspire. We look forward to hearing from you. So get on My Jam TV and get discovered!

    You wrote the song, recorded it and shot the video. Now you’re ready for My Jam TV.

Here’s How it Works

    Click on the “Submissions” button. Please read the submission rules and requirements page. Please fill out the Submission Application and fill in all required fields. After the form has been sent, the page will automatically take you to PayPal for payment.

    Once we receive your video, it is sent to our team of reviewers. Then, each reviewer thoughtfully considers your video. If it is accepted, you will receive an email with upload instructions and purchase information.

Thanks, and Good Luck!