When It Rains…It Pours

The first “Independent Artists Showcase Series” was held on May 13th at New York City’s iconic venue THE CUTTING ROOM–sponsored by MY JAM TV and ION INDIE MAGAZINE. And living up to the ominous connotation of Friday the 13th…it poured. It was dreary. I am, however, pleased to report that there wasn’t a single machete killing. But things did go wrong. Like, for instance…no live feed. That’s right–the LIVE broadcast never happened. The event definitely had its issues–BUT it also had its positive notes. For one, the venue was packed. AND The Cutting Room proved to be a top notch venue that lived up to its legendary status. AND the sound system and mix were fucking phenomenal (Gerard, the sound guy, definitely knows his stuff). AND lastly, but perhaps, most importantly…the talent was exceptional and the mix of artists were great—each showcasing their own particular brand of indie music. The hosts for this enthralling event were My Jam TV’s own KEVAN KENNEY and JAMIE ZAPP.

New York City’s LION IN THE MANE hit the stage first and never looked back. They presented as a very tight, well-rehearsed and powerful live band. They have a familiar sound, but they make it their own with a huge wall of sound that is as aggressive as it is radio friendly–a JIMMY EAT WORLD vibe that, in my opinion, sounds even better live than the recordings I’ve heard.

LIVRE’ (pronounced Liv-ray) is a Gospel group consisting of seven incredibly gifted musicians who sing, write and produce. Livre’ was the first band I heard during sound check…and frankly, I was blown away! Infectious harmonies paired with top notion production made Livre’ an exciting performance to watch.

LAURA CHEADLE is simply awesome. From the moment she walks on stage, she owns it. Backed by her father on the keyboards and brother on guitar, this family band has an unmistakable bluesy feel mixed with that old school Philly sound. Laura is the consummate professional and looked very comfortable on stage.

ANGELICA JONI performed a few covers and some originals. She is going with that Top 40 thing and she does that quite well. It’s not my personal “cup of tea”, but I am sure the people who like that genre of music certainly enjoyed it.

RYCHE CHLANDA AND FLYING DREAMS closed the evening. They have a Classic Rock sound that flirts with Prog-Rock and makes for a very listenable and dynamic sound. Ryche Chlanda is a multi-dimensional performer, and even though his FX pedal board had some technical issues, he sounded fantastic–a true talent and even better human being. Ron, the bassist, frequently switched between electric bass and standup bass, and that made for both an interesting look and sound. Kendall Scott on the keys adds a wonderful dimension to the over all sound of the band. The drummer Craig is a Rock drummer whose hard-hitting style really compliments…think of early GENESIS meets CREAM.

I feel this first showcase was a success. Were there problems? Yes. But the bottom line is: through events like these independent artists are being given a platform to garner significant exposure and a chance to increase their fan base. In this day and age, the only real way a band will survive is through a combination of fan support and promotional opportunities. I would also like to mention that in the case of these artists contributing to this particular event, each of these performers are ready for the next step in their careers. And in spite of some minor “hiccups”, I am confident that the audience left thoroughly entertained by an evening of incredible talent. And, at the end of the day…isn’t that what defines a successful event?

This is why we do what we do. We expose artists to new fans…to you. I can vouch that it is sometimes a thankless job, with long hours and countless criticisms and no money, but for some strange reason I can’t wait until WE do it again!

Watch both My Jam TV and ION Indie Magazine’s social media pages, as an announcement is forthcoming regarding the worldwide broadcast of this memorable event on the My Jam TV network at www.myjamtv.com. Take it from me…you won’t want to miss it!





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